New Wine In The Works By Cristie Kerr

When it comes to wine, there’s nothing Cristie Kerr doesn’t love about it.

“I love learning about wine! From the growing process to bottling. To drinking it. All in between,” Kerr told via email.

In 2009 Kerr established Curvature Wines in partnership with Pride Mountain Vineyards and is now working on the creation of a new wine. She made a trip to Napa Valley during the week of the nearby Swinging Skirts LPGA Classic, to take part in a blending session for the new 2014 Curvature Cabernet Sauvignon.

“We take all of the various components like cab, merlot, petit Syrah etc…and make a blend for our wine…sometimes it’s 100% Cabernet that is used…sometimes we blend some different varietals in to get the wine to where we want. For consistency year after year.”

Kerr shared the experience with fellow LPGA pro Morgan Pressel who both took to social media to share some photos of their visit. Photos from Kerr are also above including Curvature’s Curtis Hecker, winemaker Sally Johnson, oenologist Margaux Lacoste, as well as her husband, Erik.

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